Hi, I’m Mazz! You've probably seen me around twitter, showing off my yarn creations and making terrible puns. I also often talk about my D&D games. I’ve been a 5e D&D DM since May 2017, and like most people trying out the DM chair, I was not... polished... in my first session. I would say I've definitely improved a lot since then, mostly just by watching streams of D&D games. My DM hero is undoubtedly Chris Perkins, and I have learned a great deal just from watching how he runs a game. It’s not just all about him though, as there are so many games out there now to watch with fantastic DMs like Lauren Urban, Satine Phoenix, Ruty Rutenberg, Christopher Lindsay and Matt Mercer.

I know there are many people putting DM tips out there, but I didn’t feel like there was a tutorial or walkthrough type guide on how to run a D&D game, so I decided to write one. Obviously this is just my take on how I do things, and I don’t have years of experience. I’m still learning a lot as I go, but I hope my thoughts go some way to demystifying my processes and encouraging other people to take up the DMs chair!

Stay tuned, as my first article on being a DM will be going up very soon!