Hey, can I get a beholder/mimic/other D&D creature from you?
Unless I decide to send you one as a gift, no. I've made a statement about why I won't sell these items, please respect that. And please don't ask/beg for me to make you one as a gift; that's at my discretion. It costs me a lot, both time and money, to make and send items out. I have to pay bills just as much as anyone else does. Besides, even if I had the time and money to send free things all over the world, it would make it far less special to those that I do send my gifts to.

How much does it cost to commission you?
I charge an hourly rate, between $15-$20ph depending on the complexity of the work, plus the cost of any special materials and shipping. I have over 30 years experience in both knitting and crochet, and almost as many sewing and drawing, so you are getting a lot of value for that fee, but please also bear in mind that knitting and crochet are not as quick as say, sewing or line drawings. A complex piece of crochet such as my Pidlwick or Grung can run into triple figures simply due to the time investment. Please note for shipping purposes, I am based in the UK.

Okay, so I have something I'd like to commission you for. How do I go about doing that?
You can find me on twitter where you can tweet me and I can discuss further and then send a DM if I think it's a piece I will take on. Or you can start a conversation with me on Etsy.

Your work is great! I don't have anything I want to commission / I don't think I can afford a piece though. How else can I support you?
Shamelessly, my Amazon wishlist is public, or you can buy me a Ko-Fi